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    Self Defense
    Need Protection? Focusing on a simple, strong, effective defence, Muay Chaiya will give you the ability and the confidence to be effective in real situations. What is self-defense? There are many definitions of what makes ‘self defense’: The protection of one’s person or property against some injury attempted by another. or a legal version: the... Read more »
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    Not interested in fighting? A great way to keep fit and your body strong. With a challenging set of exercises that use the core movements of the system that will keep you in great shape. Basic Exercises Muay Chaiya has a core set of exercises that are beneficial in a number of ways. Strength the... Read more »
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    Want something more? Taught in a traditional manner, it is more than just learning to kick and punch. Learn about Thai culture, language and customs. Use the Chaiya philosophy of defense in everyday life. Tested by time Muay Chaiya was founded many generations ago, and has been proven over and over to be an effective... Read more »
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    Want to get physical? Suppliment your training, or aim for the ring. The best way to practice is to get your gloves on and have some fun. Improve your abilities, whatever your goals. Ring Fighting Not many martial arts will get in the Muay Thai ring playing by the rules. There are good reasons for... Read more »

Where to Learn

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    Join a new era of Thai martial arts, bringing the first structured curriculum outside of Thailand. Locations Certified Instruction Kru Nathan Brown took more than ten years of studying Muay Chaiya and Thai language to gain the understanding of the system and techniques that he has today. He has taught a variety of students, both... Read more »
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    The home of Muay Chaiya, thick with culture and history, Thailand is an amazing place to learn.
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    Learn Online with a wealth of resources, training guides and support. Created in 2010 by Kru Nathan as a way to help people who cannot make it to Thailand start learning at home. With over 100 videos and detailed explanations available, it’s a great way to start learning the style, and a superb resource... Read more »


Nathan’s extremely skilled expertise in the traditional Thai boxing (Muay Thai Chaiya) has certified him to become a trusted Teacher, endorsed by one of the leading Masters of this Art in Thailand – where he had help taught the students of Ajarn Lek’s Muay Thai Camp for nearly a decade.

Having seen his seminars provided for Private Security Personnel, selected Thai Military brigades, as well as people visiting Thailand for learning premium Muay Thai, I can only say that he understands the culture of ancient warfare and the appropriate ethics involved and will be able to teach this ancient Art whilst still keeping the integrity and honours intact.

Not to mention that his fluency in Thai has been a great benefit in teaching to locals who to their surprise still remain in awe after their sessions.

Michael SchmidtThailand

If you like martial arts and your job gives an opportunity to travel a couple of times per year, I would highly recommend you visiting Baanchangthai in BKK and take lessons with Nathan.

Leonid OstrovskiyFrance, Russia

I’m thrilled to provide a reference to Nathan Brown, whom has provided me with the utmost commitment to my studies of Muay Chaiya. Nathan richly deserves the title Kru in Muay Chaiya and is an excellent teacher full of good character and meets the highest standards or professional ethics.

Muay Thai Coach at KKA MMA

Oscar Gonzalez


  • Learn Muay Chaiya - Online School - School
    Looking for
    We’ve been working hard for the last few months to update the school site with a new system, and it’s almost done! Unfortunately, the old software gave up the goose on Friday morning, and so there will be a small time of transition between services. But trust me, the wait will be worth it!... Read more »
  • Muay Chaiya Seminar, November 2013, Dojo Mirabeau, Aix en Prvence, France
    Seminar: Dojo Mirabeau, France
    Organised by Fabrice Payen, an experienced ring fighter and old student of Kru Lek, who invited Kru Nathan to teach a two day seminar at Dojo Mirabeau in Aix en Provence.
  • Ring NantaisMuay Chaiya Seminar November 2014
    Ring Nantais, France
    The first of two Muay Chaiya seminars in France for November 2014 at Ring Nantais in Nantes, saw a good turnout and some great training.