CIMG1823Muay Chaiya is one of the old forms of Thai Boxing developed long before the modern ring style became popular. Designed for warfare, it is now used today as an effective for of self-defense. Utilising body weight and mechanics and a brain over brawn mentality to form a very formidable fighting style.

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Kru Nathan Brown

Kru Nathan training in Baan Chang ThaiStarting with Judo at the age of 7, I’ve always had an interest in martial arts and self-defense. Growing up watching Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and other kung fu movie greats, I fell in love with the Asian culture and philosophies.

Movie kung fu looks great, but real life and movies have very little in common. This was highlighted to me when I was learning JKD, which dispelled a lot of the previous romantic ideas I had had about fighting. Instead of the

Let them attack, counter and defeat

philosophy that I’d learnt throughout my martial arts, JKD and later on more realistic concepts from sources such as Geoff Thompson changed my attitude to

Strike first to win. Be kind to yourself

which is almost the opposite to the movie kung fu that I’d fallen in love with. I’ve tried and practised a bunch of martial arts, most of which lose effectiveness in real situations for you average person.

Finding Muay Chaiya

CIMG0537In 2002 I went to Thailand, and was introduced to Muay Chaiya. From the first class, I realised I was learning something special and after a short time I changed my ideas to

Hard defense. Let them attack, and hurt themselves.

which was far closer to the ideas about martial arts when I was a kid.

The Muay Chaiya the Kru Lek taught made sense and it worked. I loved the simple concepts that built up into something very deep and very strong.

After over a decade of learning from Kru Lek (with over 5 years of teaching Muay Chaiya in Thailand) I decided it was time to bring what I’d learnt home and share it others.

Muay Chaiya UK

Muay Chaiya UK’s goal is simple

Bring Muay Chaiya to the UK and Europe, with structured learning supported by quality instruction.

Through regular classes, private teaching, seminars all backed with an online community and learning system, we can spread the teachings as effectively as possible.

Students are able to track their learning online, review what they have learnt, and most importantly see their progress and goals to help them learn faster.

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Online learning

LearnMuayChaiya.com learning onlineIn 2010 LearnMuayChaiya.com was launched as a way for people around the world to learn Muay Chaiya and receive feedback and advice on their training. With over 100 videos available to learn the core of the style, the first iteration of the website was great, but it lacked some features.

With the creation of Muay Chaiya UK, LearnMuayChaiya.com will soon be updated with more content and features to support students in their learning of Muay Chaiya.

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Nathan’s extremely skilled expertise in the traditional Thai boxing (Muay Thai Chaiya) has certified him to become a trusted Teacher, endorsed by one of the leading Masters of this Art in Thailand – where he had help taught the students of Ajarn Lek’s Muay Thai Camp for nearly a decade.

Having seen his seminars provided for Private Security Personnel, selected Thai Military brigades, as well as people visiting Thailand for learning premium Muay Thai, I can only say that he understands the culture of ancient warfare and the appropriate ethics involved and will be able to teach this ancient Art whilst still keeping the integrity and honours intact.

Not to mention that his fluency in Thai has been a great benefit in teaching to locals who to their surprise still remain in awe after their sessions.

Michael SchmidtThailand

If you like martial arts and your job gives an opportunity to travel a couple of times per year, I would highly recommend you visiting Baanchangthai in BKK and take lessons with Nathan.

Leonid OstrovskiyFrance, Russia

I’m thrilled to provide a reference to Nathan Brown, whom has provided me with the utmost commitment to my studies of Muay Chaiya. Nathan richly deserves the title Kru in Muay Chaiya and is an excellent teacher full of good character and meets the highest standards or professional ethics.

Muay Thai Coach at KKA MMA

Oscar Gonzalez