Self Defense

Need Protection?

Focusing on a simple, strong, effective defence, Muay Chaiya will give you the ability and the confidence to be effective in real situations.

What is self-defense?

There are many definitions of what makes ‘self defense’:

The protection of one’s person or property against some injury attempted by another.

or a legal version:

the defense of one’s person or interests, esp. through the use of physical force, which is permitted in certain cases as an answer to a charge of violent crime.

Whether you prefer the first or the second version, it must be understood that self-defense start before violence starts. This takes an understanding of more than just physical aspects of situations, but also of situations, the assailant(s) and yourself.

Understanding the assailant is not difficult, but it’s very important. Understanding their expectations, limits and motivations can help prevent a situation before it becomes violent. It will also help you justify your own reaction and response to them if things get violent and you need to physically defend yourself.


All of this requires preparation of both mental and physical aspects. If you neglect either, then you will lose.

Mental Preparation

  • Learning about yourself and training to overcome personal weakness (fear, uncertainty, lack of confidence)
  • Learning about opponents and how to overcome their strengths and use their weaknesses
  • Learning about and developing awareness of situations (social and legal), to avoid conflict where possible, understand your rights and how to conduct yourself.

Physical Preparation

  • Learning about your strengths and weaknesses and training to develop
  • Learning suitable, simple defensive techniques that you can use automatically, even under pressure and duress.

Muay Chaiya can help you with much of this, helping you understand and develop the mental aspects, and giving you the tools and the chance to train the physical aspects.

How much you develop yourself to understand and use these things is up to you!

Muay Chaiya’s Defense

Developed during times of open warfare, raids, skirmishes and organised tournaments (which sometimes resulted in death) Muay Chaiya has a well thought out and strong defense.

There are many techniques that can be taught to beginners that are easy to pick up and use with little training, that will help the average person create an advantage, hopefully escape from initial contact.

These simple movements then expand out into the larger system that can be used to defeat even experienced opponents quickly and decisively.

Muay Chaiya’s strong defensive techniques double as attacks, and flow into attacking movements without breaking a beat. Utilising kicks, knees, punches, elbows, headbutts, finger strikes, grabs and throws to overwhelm an attacker – even one with a plan and experience.

Largely utilising technique, speed and body weight to generate power in all attacks, the movement from the ground up of the style works together with your body to create an effective fighting machine.

Multiple attackers

Defending against a single attack is one thing, but defending against multiple attackers is a completely different thing. All notions of controlling the situation disappear quickly, and working with chaos will often work in your favour.

Whereas many martial arts preach control and discipline when fighting, Muay Chaiya encourages the opposite in real situations. We remain disciplined in training, learning and drilling techniques to create a tight defense and attack, so that in combat we can ‘let loose’ of the control and let the learnt techniques take over.

Learning to Defend

From the first simple techniques to advanced fighting strategies, Muay Chaiya follows some simple rules.

  1. Maintain a solid base
  2. Maintain a solid defense
  3. In defense, always hurt your opponent
  4. Attack and defend at the same time
  5. Never attack directly, or where the opponent expects
  6. Finish things quickly
  7. Keep things simple

The structure of learning Muay Chaiya will develop all of these rules over time. Starting from a strong base and defense and progressing through and drill each aspect repeatedly until it is natural.

Kru Nathan teaching some basic defensive concepts

Broken down, the approach is to learn:

  1. Defense
  2. Attack
  3. Defense and Attack in combination
  4. Defense and attack in unison
  5. Defense and attack in unison into combination

This simple curriculum has many layers, teaching to defend and attack at different levels, with different timing, against a variety of opponents and situations.

But it all comes back to the same core set of movements.

  • Bong
  • Bat
  • Bit
  • Beurt

Which are the core of the defense.


We believe in a hands on, mixed approach to learning defense, offering students the opportunity to practice how to hit and get hit, how to deal with pressure and fear, in a safe an reassuring environment. All physical activities are opt in, and if some one is not comfortable participating, they are not pressured or forced – only encouraged.

Kru Nathan training defesive reactions

Sparring, drills, combinations, bag work and other techniques are used to make sure that the concepts, techniques and strategies become part of your natural presence, movement and drive.

Again, the hard you train and work to develop yourself, the more rewards you will gain. This is all down to an individuals motivations and goals.