Want to get physical?

Suppliment your training, or aim for the ring. The best way to practice is to get your gloves on and have some fun. Improve your abilities, whatever your goals.

Ring Fighting

Not many martial arts will get in the Muay Thai ring playing by the rules. There are good reasons for this. Self-defense, street fighting or real combat (whatever you want to call it) requires a different mindset, a different approach to the ring, and developing a martial art that works well in both contexts is difficult.

Training for both is possible with Muay Chaiya. In fact, the techniques for the ring are just a small subset of the complete Muay Chaiya curriculum, so it’s possible to get competent the beginner levels, and then try them out in the ring.

Just like learning Muay Chaiya for defense, you can follow the same process for developing your skill for the ring:

  1. Defense
  2. Attack
  3. Defense and Attack in combination
  4. Defense and attack in unison
  5. Defense and attack in unison into combination

and them practice them in the same manner with sparring, drills, combinations, bag work to develop them into a natural part of your fight strategy.

Sparring in Muay Chaiya

Sparring is an important aspect of training Muay Chaiya, especially if you want to be able to use it either for the ring or the street. Kru Lek always expresses this, and encourages students to spar as much and as hard as they can (avoiding injury of course).

Whilst protection can be used, all that is needed is a pair of gloves – additions are optional. Shin guards for example are discouraged – except just before a fight, as it is an opportunity to condition shins and feet. Watch some sparring at Baan Chang Thai as an example.

Because of the blocking style, using the elbows and knees, it it very difficult to score clean kicks on your opponent. This causes you to:

  1. Measure and time your attacks
  2. Condition your legs
  3. Develop an effective, hard and precise defense

Sparring becomes a much more measured affair, not from worry about hurting your opponent when attacking, but from hurting yourself!

For a great source of sparring videos, check out Baan Chang Thai’s website in the Fight for Fun section.