Not interested in fighting?

A great way to keep fit and your body strong. With a challenging set of exercises that use the core movements of the system that will keep you in great shape.

Basic Exercises

Muay Chaiya has a core set of exercises that are beneficial in a number of ways.

  • Strength the body especially the shoulders, core, knees and ankles
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Improve cardio fitness
  • Practice Muay Chaiya’s fundamental movements

Starting with relatively small movements and gradually increasing in difficulty, the exercise set is both a great warm up and a great workout.

The techniques are not easy and require coordination and balance, offering a challenge to anyone from beginner to experienced martial artists. The fitter you are, the harder you can push yourself, and once you can complete all of them easily, there are always more!

Practising these regularly will strengthen the body for more advanced techniques used in the style. The core set of movements are used within movement, defense and attack within the system, and so training these as part of a session, is very productive.

Technique training

Muay Chaiya training is an interesting cross between traditional martial arts (focusing on technique) and modern styles (focusing on power and destruction) creating a balance of both worlds.

Muay Chaiya students practicing the tricky Wiang Kaeng kick technique

Practising combinations in a group is a great workout, and for all body conditioning. Work slow to focus on technique, work fast for more cardio and conditioning.

Pad work & Drills

Working with partners is also fun, and learning to hit moving targets at realistic distance is really important. Pushing yourself and others when your tired, helping your partner improve and work hard, then getting the same in return. Working together, and teamwork is an important part of training Muay Chaiya.

Muay Chaiya pad work at Baan Chang Thai


One of the most fun forms of exercise in martial arts, and a vital piece practice. Whilst not a cure all solution for practical training of techniques, it is a great way to practice timing, distance, strategy and technique against a real person. It’s also a great way to gauge your fitness and push yourself further.

Always for fun, no intimidation or bullying, sparring is a chance to play with the new techniques and tools.

Check out sparring at Baan Chang Thai in Bangkok, in their Fight for Fun page.