Baan chang Thai, Bangkok

The  longest running school in Muay Thai Chaiya, Baan Chang Thai specialises in teaching Muay Thai Chaiya in it’s original, strong form as passed on by Pramajarn Kaet Siriyapai. Classes include private and public, and are available to students of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

Public Classes

Now with 4 public classes a week, you have more time to train with a wide variety of students.

  • friday
    • 17:3019:30
  • saturday
    • 14:0016:00
    • 17:3019:30
  • sunday
    • 14:0016:00
    • 17:3019:30

All classes are 2 hours long, with a 40min technique warmup, fundamental work, combination work and advanced techniques (Look Mai counters) or defensive work.

First time students need to buy a course of 12 lessons, old students can renew with courses of 4 lessons.

  • First timers: 12 classes – 3,000THB
  • Return students: 4 classes – 1,000THB
  • Drop in classes: 1 class – 1,000THB

Once you have bought classes, there’s no time limit on there usage. So if you need to return home, or are sick, don’t worry, your lessons will be still waiting for you when you want to start up again.

Private Course

If you want a more personal teaching experience, then private classes are for you. Arrange the time of training to suit you and your schedule, so you can have one lesson a week, or two a day!

  • Private course: 12 classes – 15,000THB
  • Drop in class: 1,500THB

As with the public course, once you have bought private lessons there is no time limit on there usage.

FREE PUBLIC COURSE: If you purchase a private course, you get 12 public classes for free! (used within the duration of your private course)

Group Course

As with Private classes, group classes give you the opportunity to arrange private training on your own schedule.

  • 2 people: 9,000THB each
  • 3 people: 8,000THB each
  • 4+ people: 7,000THB each

Please Note:Group classes must be arranged as the group on a whole, if a student does not attend an arranged classe, then one lesson will still be marked off their course.

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