SO8 Muay Thai Gym, Falmouth

Ian Davies has been teaching Muay Thai in Falmouth for over a decade, and has produced many successful fighters. Most nights the gym is packed with students of all types there for fitness and to learn to fight.

Ian, who has previously fought in Thailand and carries a great respect for the traditional forms of the art, has welcomed Muay Chaiya lessons taught by Kru Nathan into the class schedule of his gym.

Whilst many of the details of the techniques of Muay Chaiya differ from ring Muay Thai, they still share core concepts that can work together, or compete within the ring.

Whilst Muay Chaiya’s concepts are not complex, they’re very different from most other martial arts out there. Kru Nathan has taken years to learn the understand the style from the roots to the advance, so that they can be applied to modern day applications.

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