Join a new era of Thai martial arts, bringing the first structured curriculum outside of Thailand.


  • Fit Pit, Falmouth

    The most established gym in Falmouth, Cornwall, The Fit Pit offers a range of facilities. From an extensive weights and body building equipment, to a range of fitness machines for a cardio workout and a dance studio the Fit Pit has it all. Now, twice a week, it also has Muay Chaiya.

    27 Market St, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 3AS
  • SO8 Muay Thai Gym, Falmouth

    SO8 has been teaching high quality Muay Thai in Falmouth for over a decade. Kru Nathan Brown is now offering a Muay Chaiya flavour to the mix.

    Falmouth Sports Club, Western Terrace, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 4QJ

Certified Instruction

Kru Nathan Brown took more than ten years of studying Muay Chaiya and Thai language to gain the understanding of the system and techniques that he has today. He has taught a variety of students, both Thai and international, beginner and experienced, using both Thai and English language over the last 6 years.

He has run his own school, taught privately and most importantly assisted Kru Lek at Baan Chang Thai in Bangkok to gain his title Kru Muay Chaiya. Kru Lek has also given him the honour of being able to certify new instructors outside of Thailand, enabling him to help increase the awareness, and teachings of the styles abroad.

Class Fees


  • Per Class
  • £8
  • 2 Hour Regular Class
  • Pay per session
  • Monthly
  • £50
  • Unlimited Regular Classes per month
  • Access to Online learning*
  • Sign Up
  • 3 Month
  • £130
  • Unlimited Regular Classes per month
  • Access to Online learning*
  • Sign Up

*Coming soon – access, track lessons, subjects and recap on subjects learnt.


Seminars and Teaching

Currently Kru Nathan is focusing on developing a network of instructors and schools around the UK and Europe, giving seminars and teaching.

Contact Kru Nathan now about seminars in Europe.

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