Seminar: Dojo Mirabeau, France

After a great seminar in Nantes on the west coast earlier in the month, it was on to Aix en Provence in the south of France for the last seminar in November.

Fabrice Payen

The seminar was arranged by Fabrice Payen who is a well known French Muay Thai fighter. Since he was young, Fabrice traveled regularly to Thailand for training, and beat the biggest names in Thai boxing in France, Dida Diafat , Cesar and many others. He was world champion in 1998 . He had the potential to become a great champion and have a great career because of the quality of the sporting character. Many years ago, he became a student of Kru Lek in Bangkok, and has since being establishing Muay Chaiya in France.

With the help of Dojo Mirabeau, Fabrice invited Kru Nathan to hold a two day Muay Chaiya seminar on the 23rd/24th of November 2014.

Kru Eddy and Kru Nathan play 'Dop Hoo'

It was also great to see another of Baan Chang Thai’s old students Kru Eddy, who was on hand to assist Kru Nathan in the seminar. Kru Eddy has studied and taught in Baan Chang Thai, and has been in the ring in Thailand and France.

Dojo Mirabeau is a great place to learn a variety of martial arts, and with it’s great student base (many of which already had learnt Muay Chaiya from Fabrice and Taha Hassouna – Meshkah School of Martial Arts) the turn out for the seminar was great.

Great turn out, Muay Chaiya in Aix en Provence

Over 30 keen students braved the cold (yes, it was very cold!) to come and learn, all of which worked very hard to make the seminar a success. There was a good mix of ages, from kids to seniors, both girls and boys.

Muay Chaiya for the whole family!

We’ll be planning the next seminar soon, so get in touch if you’re interested!

Fabrice Payen and Kru Nathan, getting ready for the Muay Chaiya Seminar