Ring Nantais, France

Robbie1Ring Nantais Thai Boxing Club was first started way back in 1983, and in 1991 under the management of Bruno Robinet, the gym has focused on full contact Muay Thai. Found in a large warehouse in the center of Nantes, the building supports a number of sports activities including gymnastics, Capoera, Taekwondo and more.

The event was put together by one of Bruno’s long time students, Adrien Bremonde. Adrien’s first contact with Muay Chaiya was in Bangkok at Baan Chang Thai where he attended a few classes.


After this, he started training hard at home, learning more from LearnMuayChaiya.com and quickly making good progress in the style.

Adrien_Bremond_LMC_AssessmentThanks to Adrien’s enthusiasm, and with the support of Bruno, the seminar was arranged for the 9th of November.

Kru_Seb-Kru_NathanIt was great to see another of  Baan ChangThai‘s teachers there, Kru Seb is a long time student of Kru Lek and has assisted teaching in Baan ChangThai .

At their request, Kru Nathan put together a special double seminar. One short accelerated seminar for the clubs instructors and high level students, and a longer, more thorough seminar for the club’s students.

Instructor accelerated seminar

Both seminars had a great turnout, and everyone trained hard and learned a lot. Ring Nantais has lots of great students and teachers, working together the event was really fun.

Ring Nantais Students and Teachers, great people at the seminar!